A Brief Note: Stripes On Sweaters

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Matthew Sperzel

Wearing stripes is one of those spring/summer trends that never seems to go out of style. When you think about it, why would it? They're typically made in relaxed fabrics, and they're completely wearable. Stripes on classic articles of clothing will always look good, and nothing beats stripes on a cozy sweater especially: heavy or lightweight. 

If you've always wanted to embody that signature nautical look with a dash of functionality, something as simple as pairing a striped sweater with white washed chinos, a pair of sneakers, and trench coat exemplifies the kind of style clarity the staple necessitates. Keep it clear, and sophisticated, and if you decide not to, own it!  


Dark Brown Holdall Suit Carrier - Grey Sneakers - Off White Washed Chino - Grey Crewneck - Light Brown Trench Coat / Suit Supply

Thank you for reading!