The Ribbed Herringbone Crewneck Sweater from Perry Ellis To Wear this Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

Looking forward to the early days of spring where it's cool enough for a light jacket but not warm enough for just shirts/trousers, there are specific items I look forward to wearing. Crewneck sweaters are one of them. 

Every season, designers put in more of an effort to create wide ranges of sweaters that highlight functionalism for the modern man. Representing this type of sweater variety focused on making sure there's product any, and every kind of man can relate to is Perry Ellis - a brand known for its updated perspective on quintessential staples. See the ribbed herringbone sweater above in cream for example. The cream option makes for the perfect spring/summer getup. It has got a smooth texture, it's well fitted, and high-toned.

In addition to the color scheme aligning with traditional colors we associate with the season, it's more than commendable that it pairs well with almost any, and everything - ranging from traditional to more casual looks. Wearing the sweater on its own with a pair of dark jeans like I've done above makes for a relaxed styling option. Another great idea is layering the white shirt over the sweater with cream/tan trousers, and a pair of boots. 


 Herringbone Crewneck Sweater / Perry Ellis . Slim Fit Jeans in Raw Selvedge / J.Crew

Thank you for reading!