The Canadian Suiting Brand You Need To Know: Jack Victor

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marta Niewinska

In the suiting industry, only a few select brands possess a unique character, and in more ways than one, the exquisite taste of Jack Victor makes the brand one of the most sartorially distinguished labels in my book. If well tailored suiting in a variety of sizes, and fine fabrics matter to you alongside stellar craftsmanship, all for an accessible asking price, Jack Victor is a brand to consider.

Holding the aura of a charming spring day that calls for color and relaxation, the modern fit sportcoat featured in the photographs above showcase a particularly strong example of Jack Victor's taste. 

Founded in 1913, by Jack Victor himself, the Canadian brand quickly garnered a reputation for quality product, and service. It's not an easy job to consistently create clothes that conceive the classic, and timeless look in a way that is relevant to what we enjoy in the world today, and Jack Victor has managed to stay the course with clothes that are as well constructed as they are easy to style.


Jack Victor

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