An Unorthodox Choice: The Plaid Dinner Jacket

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Justin Ryan Kim

With tuxedo ensembles, it can be very easy to get comfortable with the same uniform especially since we don't have to wear them constantly throughout the year. You know the typical: the loafers, the cummerbund, black shoes, and bow tie with black trousers featuring a dinner jacket in white, midnight blue, or black

There are a variety of ways in which you can wear a tuxedo. For those of you who are looking to to get over your tuxedo style rut especially, how about a plaid dinner jacket in a streamlined shape or design for an unorthodox choice?

Suggested for more of a casual tuxedo event during the fall/winter season, the plaid dinner jacket with notch lapels is a great option to consider depending on your social circle. Rather than matching with plaid tuxedo trousers, keeping focus on the jacket by paring it with black tuxedo trousers, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black, wide, and textured bowtie makes for a distinctive look that is snazzy, and straight forward. 

The Plaid tuxedo is a peculiar item of clothing that is so serving, so it is only right that it works well with particular items in the same caliber. A pair of black formal dress shoes are perfect -preferably loafers, or oxford shoes with black socks. For a bit of panache, a pair of glasses are suitable. 


Plaid Dinner Jacket / Tommy Hilfiger . Tuxedo Trousers - Loafers / Calvin Klein . Aviator / Warby Parker

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