Paying Homage To The Navy Pinstripe Suit

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

No doubt, you're more likely to find a pinstripe suit in the workplace than you are at any fashionably elegant, and sophisticated event. 

Pinstripe = thin stripes

Pinstripe Fabric = uniformly spaced thin stripes on cloth

There's not much information on how the Pinstripe fabric originated but on the subject of popularity, history has it the fabric rose to the top in the 1920's. It was seen as an elevated uniform for flashy, and intimate events during the Prohibition era. It is also speculated that the pinstripe fabric was popular within the finance community serving the purpose of having a uniform that was set to make identification easy, inspired the sporting/boating ensemble. 

Presently, the Pinstripe Suit is remarkably recognizable as one of the bountiful suiting alternatives accessible for the man of today. Pinstripe selections that feature light stripes on top of a dark backcloth as showcased above remain quite popular working best for office/formal wear. Very honorable! 

When I think Pinstripe, the idea highlights key players in money driven industries like Finance, and Publishing. Styling in line of the character calls for subdued pairings in classic menswear fashion. My double breasted version pays homage to traditional color schemes, and styling techniques with a dash of stylish updates inclusive of a white shirt with a traditional point-pin collar, a classic champagne gold wrist watch, a clean pair of brown monk straps, and optical aviators. 


Navy Double Breasted Pin Stripe Suit - Navy Tie / InstitchuDouble Monk Cap Toe / Johnston & Murphy . Aviator / Warby Parker . Traditional Point - Pin Collar Shirt - Collar Pin / Indochino 

Thank you for reading!