Masterly and Quintessential: A Brief Take on The Nautical Aesthetic

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Aaron Wester

When it comes to nautical dressing, blues, stripes, and sweaters are staples for a reason. They look great and really reflect the essence of what it should look and feel like to be on the sea. Anyone can pull off the look including you! 

In Style Tips For a Cool and Windy Day On The Sea, I urged you to consider an unorthodox way of approaching personal style for the occasion, but it doesn't mean I am opposed to nautical uniforms that seem to have transcended time. There's a reason a vast amount of people still reference the staples mentioned above, and it should be valued.

That being said, if you're anything like me, there's nothing you love more than a well made cricket sweater. As you can probably tell from the photographs featured above, they act as the perfect detail piece. If you have a similar item featuring all of the signature nautical colors, you know the rest of the styling can be a breeze.

A blue shirt unbuttoned to wear under the sweater gives off more of a casual feel. It's the nautical way. Don't forget the essentials. Keep it masterly, and quintessential paired with tapered trousers, a white pair of sneakers. 


Cable Knit Wool Cricket Sweater / Kent and CurwenMen's Stone Tapered Trousers / Paul Smith . Original Achilles Leather Sneakers / Common Projects 

Thank you for reading!