Style Tips For A Cool and Windy Day On The High Seas

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Aaron Wester

When it comes to good style for sailing, stripes, light blues, are great but if you're looking for something more, I have thought of a few ways to update sailing's classic styling as we know it. Incorporating a dash of rakish wear merged with variations of relaxed spring/summer staples in color, cloth, and silhouette exhibit superior taste, and desirable equanimity. 

How to achieve that clear-cut, and cleverly composed getup on the sea? Keep reading. 

  • Opt For A Subdued Color Palette

Typically, style on the seas is so vibrant. Whites, light blues, pinks, and yellows. Stray away from the preppy influences, and embrace a color palette that feature more restrained colors. See how brown, and navy works for you. In spite of how dull the idea might seem at the first thought, the effect projects a casual quality that is immediately appealing. 

  • Stand by Well Tailored, Cuffed Trousers

You seldom see well tailored, cuffed trousers on a ship, boat, or yacht. It's only standard, as formality is not the key here. However, for those men who prioritize an element of sharpness even in a relaxed setting, cuffed trousers in cotton or linen are answer. 

  • A Good Pair of Sunglasses are Ideal

It's never fair to put forward an ideal pair of sunglasses especially for the seas since sunglasses are subjective to head shape. Nevertheless, if you can decide on a pair of vintage round-lens acetate frames in any style, you're doing it right.

  • The Casual Polo Shirt Gets a Yes! It's Versatile

What's an outfit on the high seas without a sailing staple? The plain polo shirt unbuttoned over the windowpane sport coat is a well matched combination that gives the ensemble the casual cool factor every sailing ensemble needs. Most men will undo one button. Go for two! It'll convey more character. 

  • The Windowpane Sport Coat is a Good Pick Me Up

The basis here is to be covered on a cool, and windy day on the seas. Low key characteristic features like the windowpane fabric that will not go near the domains of overdone amusement is a step in the right direction. Try a bespoke selection with smooth, and apt shoulders like this one featured in the photographs above from J. Mueser. 

  • White Leather Sneakers are Comfy and Pleasant

While sneakers are not the ideal relaxation footwear, I say not to underestimate its power. It's the simpleness that makes it so versatile and appropriate for smart casual settings. Go with no show socks to truly emphasize the dressing down of a look that is more tailored in its nature. 


Navy Windowpane Sport Coat / J. Mueser . Wool Trousers / Indochino . Doppio Gancio Acetate Schoolboy Sunglasses / Salvatore Ferragamo . Original Achilles Leather Sneakers / Common Projects . Polo Shirt / Paul Smith

Thank you for reading!