Why The Monochromatic Dressing Trend Is A Favorite

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

If you have paid any attention to the most celebrated menswear movements these past few months, you know that monochromatic dressing was heavily represented. In fashion, dressing in a monochromatic way means styling different articles of clothing in one color. The idea is to create a tonal ensemble while featuring separates with different textures, shapes, and sizes. 

Betwixt personal style enthusiasts everywhere finding the form easy to achieve, and the support from a plethora of brands across the country referencing the styling technique in their shows, presentations, look books, and campaign ads, it's no secret why the somewhat saturated trend is a crowd pleaser.

The monochromatic trend isn't as popular as it is just because it just looks great, there are other conveniences, and the root of its success arise from that. The monochromatic styling technique was designed to look strong, and eye catching. Tom Ford, Massimo Dutti, and Hugo Boss are part of the caliber of designers that continue to elevate the monochromatic concept, and while some may say, it's nothing new since the idea itself has reigned for a very long time, going way past the 90s, it's the growth, and variety of and in the industry these past few years that has proved why the trend is relevant to begin with. Strategic coloring, silhouette specifics, and more.

Whether you're courageous enough to pull off Vetement's outsize tailoring or your preference lies within the subdued silhouettes of brands like Giorgio Armani, the influence of the oh-so polished trend is quite evident on the personal style range. From a participant's perspective, it's particularly comfortable, and visually desirable when executed properly. Styling one color is not a complicated process, and quite a vast majority of people have found comfort in knowing that there's a tasteful confidence associated with a technique as simple as it is well appointed, daring, and suitable for every occasion. 

My advice for wearing the trend? Monochromatic dressing is a favorite of mine. Try it! 


Double Breasted Suit  / Institchu  . Burgundy Merino Wool Turtleneck - Chelsea Boots / Paul Smith 

Thank you for reading!