Two Ways To Dress Down The Velvet Suit

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Henry Sol

When it comes to velvet during the spring season, the impression is a pleasingly graceful attitude towards the kind of style that highlights both refinement, and physical ease. The combination of the smooth/polished texture of velvet, and the relaxed nature of the spring weather result in what I like to label a simple look that is as eye catching, as it is crisp, and clean. A bit of a turn around from the innate styling technique the velvet fabric calls for featuring accessories like ties, silk scarves, oxford shoes, and more.

This spring appropriate alternative is exemplified in the photographs above with the Velvet suit, and if you're wondering how to achieve the look, I have two tips for you: 

  • Wear with a Chambray Shirt

The velvet fabric automatically calls for a more formal sense of styling especially in a color like the one you see above. The inclusion of a chambray shirt worn with one or two buttons open gives the suit a bit of an unwinded appearance. The combination of the shirt, and the texture of the velvet suit adds an appealing contrast in presentation. Not too casual, not to formal. Good enough for a cocktail party, or a casual dinner  - it's perfect for spring, dare I say.

  • Keep the Shoe Styling Casual

Going for the sockless look on a double breasted suit screams smart casual. As puzzling as the idea might seem for some people, the picture presents a dress code that is less strict, and favorable to a spontaneous time. Think about it, champagne on rooftops, and intimate garden parties that turn into untamed moments - you want a comfortable pair of slip on shoes without having to worry about full length socks you're going to sweat out. Try a pair of no show socks. Showing a bit of ankle during the warmer season is now the norm, and for good reason. Can you imagine how different the outfit above would be with a pair of full length socks ? 


Velvet Suit / Institchu . Suede Loafers / Gucci . Chambray Cutaway Collar Shirt / Tom Ford

Thank you for reading!