A Brief Note on Design: Carl F. Bucherer's Manero Peripheral

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, David Bierdert

In a saturated market full of never ending product that can make it a bit troublesome to secure essentials that will complete a well ordered wrist watch collection, Carl F. Bucherer is worth a shot. If you've been reading igeeokafor.com for the last few months, you know why

Surfacing from the scale of quality taste, and fine handiwork is another vanguard piece that will remain dignified with an appearance that is first rate - the 43 millimeter in diameter Manero Peripheral. Powered by an automatic movement with a duplex telephony, exquisite timepieces like the one showcased in the photographs above with a black dial, and brown strap claim a soaring position in any wrist watch collection. Not only is this singular timepiece undemanding as it pertains to adapting for everyday use, it also exhibits why leather straps, and sleek dial design will always be in style. One word: Versatility. 

More than the functional ability of the wrist watch being able to showcase dates, hours, minutes, and small seconds, what really takes it home for me is its tactful design. Going against the grain of most watch designs I've labeled gawky, and incommodious for men, the entire composition of the Manero Peripheral remains soft pedaled, light, and detail oriented. With the amount of mechanics the watch features, the way the wealthy appearance of the watch is originated is really impressive. It feels contemporary, and well engineered. A true classic. 


Manero Peripheral / Carl F. Bucherer

Thank you for reading!