How Alton Lane is ReImagining Custom Suiting For The Classic Man

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Trey Hicks

To be quite frank, it’s always invigorating to see how menswear changes with time, especially when it comes to custom suiting. It’s such a commendable thing when brands rise to the occasion as things pertain to being ahead of the curve.

The reason for these acknowledgements stem from my recent experience with Alton Lane - a bespoke suiting brand committed to providing Saville Row quality suiting for affordable prices. Here’s why you should consider giving the brand's experience a go:

  • Interiors:

I was able to make a trip to the new showroom located in the heart of New York City’s Tribeca. Inside what seems to be inspired by the idea of a traditional homely, and manly meeting place for men, the space is decorated with essentials that are sure to turn the heads of menswear, and lifestyle enthusiasts everywhere. Uncluttered garment racks, fine leather furniture, television, a poker table, shelves stacked with menswear/fabric books, and Elijah Craig bourbon. Intelligibly, the brand prioritizes making the bespoke suiting experience as relaxed, and as pleasant as possible. Without a doubt, this made my suiting selection process painless.

  • Fabric Selection:

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and when it comes to being able to customize suiting, it’s important to make it memorable, and special. For my first suit with Alton Lane, courtesy of my partnership with Elijah Craig, I opted for something perennial, and instructively remarkable in a sea of first rate options that could be utilized all year round. I'm talking every color, and every material.

The result? A ginger orange cotton silk blend fabric. Light enough for the warmer season, and bold enough for the events that require it. My affection for unforseen, and easily excused details prompted paying homage to the undertones of the signature Elijah Craig bottle.

  • Measurement:

With Alton Lane, there are two approaches to precise measurements. If you’ve ever been through a standard measurement procedure inclusive of sample clothing, and measuring tape, you can expect the same from Alton Lane for the first approach. Quick, and easy.

For the second approach, the brand has introduced a 3D body scanning technology that takes a picture of the client’s body to properly align, and minimize possible complications of the client’s form. On the subject of being ahead of the curve, this experience was very exciting to learn about. It was my first time ever experiencing anything like it. The process is straight-forward, and takes almost no time to complete.  

All in all, I particularly praise Alton Lane’s clean, and well oiled machine approach as it pertains to the way they operate on the consumer experience. Its distinctively relaxed style of tailoring is up to date, allowing room for both the traditional, and modern men of the world.

Thank you for reading! 

In affiliation with Alton Lane, and Elijah Craig. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of Alton Lane, or Elijah Craig.