Q&A: What Kind of Wrist Watch Should I Wear On a First Date?

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Manuel Lopez


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When it comes to dating, I believe most men will agree when I refer to the structure as a mad world. Now more than ever like job interviews, there is an emphasized need to make a first impression that is satisfying enough to land you a second stab at it.

Personality wise, you want to display moral virtue, and in the personal style department, you want to be the victor in a timepiece that best suits the occasion.

My advice is quite simple. The wrist watch is one of man's most cherished accessories. It is of great importance to apply yourself, but not in a way that comes off too "try hard" or "flashy". It is principal to hold being self assured over feeling undue. Go for a light option: in weight, and in design. You do not want your watch to be the main focus on your first date, you want it to compliment your person. Perhaps a brown alligator strap, with a white plate, or a monochromatic plate/strap. Simplistic, but just enough detail to exude your stylish conduct. 

If you're the kind of man who would want something more to make him stand out, exploring wrist watch detailing on the watch plate is one way of doing that. See the Manero Peripheral to read about what I mean. 


Carl F. Bucherer

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