Why You Should Own a Pair of Semi-Brogue Shoes

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Trey Hicks

I feel it's my moral obligation to unceasingly remind you: You need honorable shoes! It's pretty straightforward. Honorable men need honorable shoes, and this goes further than only pulling these shoes out for special occasions. Honorable shoes should be owned for every day use, and one of these honorable styles include semi-brogues.

If you're unfamiliar, brogues are a type of shoe that feature ornamental perforations on its toe cap. Essential features are inclusive of low heels, lace panels, and heel caps. Full brogues are designed to form a "W" to showcase its differentiation from other brogue styles. This particular design is called a wingtip, and remaining styles are comprised of quarter brogues, semi brogues, and long-wing brogues. 

Now, that we have that cleared up, let me interest you on why you should consider the most versatile of the four: a pair of semi-brogues as featured in the photographs above. The only brogueing featured on the shoe lies on the toe cap, vamp, and heel. In comparison to wingtips to a small degree, semi brogues have more of a staunch, and refined feel. Its minimalist design contributes to why it's able to be adapted to multifaceted ensembles. 

A high quality pair of semi-brogues like the hand-painted, and hand-burnished ones you see above match well with suiting, and its separates. They also work well with a pair of chinos, or jeans.


Cutaway Collar Dress Shirt - Waistcoat / Indochino . Tie - Tapered Trousers  / Institchu . Aviator / Warby Parker . Briefcase - Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford shoes / Paul Evans NY 

Thank you for reading!