The Single Breasted Blazer You Should Have This Summer

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Sophie Kietzmann

The single breasted blazer is the obvious choice for most men who are looking to shop suiting, and this summer, the blazer style made in a linen fabric is more salient than ever. If you're paying attention to day to day suiting style coverage on niche media outlets, or even instagram, you'll notice numerous amounts of men are honoring them. Perhaps it's the conduciveness of the fabric in regards to heat, or its relaxed, and light toned appearance. In this case, both reasons are valid, and if you don't own one yet, let me talk you into it. 

I believe a lot of men hesitate when it comes to linen suiting because it gets rumpled easily, and it can also be a bit difficult to straighten out at times. Also, due to the lightness of the fabric, it can be a bit difficult to get stains out. During my early experiences with linen, these were definite worries of mine, especially since I am someone who prefers all my personal belongings to be as clean, and as crisp as possible. 

Just like everything else in the world of fashion, there are pros, and cons. In this particular case with linen, there are more positives than there are negatives. Other than the material being the strongest natural fiber in the world, making it stronger than cotton, it is also very durable, and sustainable. With the right tailoring, a single breasted blazer designed with a linen fabric promises a slenderizing, and well fitted appearance. For comfort, and airiness this summer, no other fabric will do a better job cooling you off as well as linen. So, if you're attending any weddings, or going to work dressed up, you might really want to consider. 

In regards to criticisms of creasing, I say embracing the entire look linen features will do you a lot of good. Summertime calls for relaxation, and interplay. It's appropriate, as long as its styling follows suit. As it pertains to easy staining due to the delicate nature of the fabric, I say, there's nothing dry-cleaning can't do. 

If you're considering procuring one for yourself now, you're probably wondering what to look out for. A stylish choice would feature peak lapels, two buttons, and patch pockets. All of these qualities make for a smart blazer option that'll bend between formal, and casual ensembles. The peak lapel adds the formal touch, and the patch pockets as showcased above bring the more functional/casual touch. Never overdressed, just spiffy. Colors that are easy to style like shades of browns, whites, and blues are sure to give you a bang for your buck. 


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