Favorites: Three Summer Essentials

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Sophie Kietzmann

Year after year, seasons come and go, and as things pertain to menswear, the same thing applies. With the summer season coming to a close soon, listed below are three simple, signature summer essentials that I'll be wrapping up the season with:

The Linen Shirt

"If you're going to stay cool with a shirt on, it is important to make sure the fabric of the shirt is as delicate as can be. A linen shirt is a great step in the right direction as it is one of the only few lighter fabrics made for the summer. It feels just as gentle as it looks and is very merciful in the heat." - "Three Ways To Stay Cool This Summer (With Clothes On)

"It's really simple. The linen fabric is one of the most lightweight fabrics you could wear when the weather is really hot. Made with the finest Italian linen, the shirts from Luca Faloni are downright excellent." - "Suiting Essentials To Look Forward To"

The Straw Hat

Other than hats being able to contribute to the vitality of an ensemble, they can also protect one  from risking sun damage. If you're anything like me, this matters to you, and it'll be one of the main reasons you wear a straw hat - that is, in addition to bad hair days and ensemble elevation. 


I have written about it before, and will write about it again. This is one of the simpler ways to elevate any outfit - no matter how formal, or how casual it may be. I am now making it a point to develop a sustainable eyewear collection. These Ferragamo Schoolboy Sunglasses hold a place, and so do new options from Oliver Peoples


Doppio Gancio Acetate Schoolboy Sunglasses / Salvatore Ferragamo . Custom Handcrafted Straw Hat / BM Franklin . Navy Blue Portofino Linen Shirt / Luca Faloni .

Thank you for reading!