The Perfect Eyewear For Your Fall Transition

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marcus Richardson

The idea of layering, scarves, earthy colors, and textures is bound to put any style enthusiast in a wonderful mood - but while we have the fall season to look to for tremendous style, we still have some time before summer fully comes to a close, and fall then takes place. 

If you're wondering about the items you should be looking at to see you through this limbo, you're in the right headspace, and eye glasses should be one of them. 

I have always been a big fan of eyewear, and when it comes to transitioning for the fall season, the accessory remains a part of my repertoire. 

When it comes to selecting the ideal pair, fit is important. I tend to gravitate towards frames that are not too fitted, and not too loose. I believe glasses are more flexible that way. Over the years, I have warmed up to the idea of utilizing options that incorporate ostentatious colors, and designs. The fall season is the time to do it, and the brown tortoise shell option featured above is a decorous, and fine choice for an optical preference. Subtly detailed enough to appeal to all sorts of occasions. Without a doubt, the Derek Cardigan 7001 brown tortoiseshell  selection adds an element of classic cool every man wishes to possess in everything he wears, and does. Very comfortable! 

Another great thing about these glasses is that they are decorated well enough to be dressed up, and dressed down. Dressed up, the shirt can embody the perfect fall look, and dressed down, it can look just as relaxed as you want it to. Who wouldn't want this kind of versatility for a transition piece? Stick to the classics.

Available on Coastal - a brand that needs no introduction, you can expect an abundance of eyewear that are well made, and sold at reasonable prices. In addition to being perfect for contemporary taste which is easy to see due to the utmost elegance the selections exude, all of its eyewear features are well detailed, and rooted in craftsmanship excellence. 

For someone like me who carefully considers the level of craftsmanship, and substance in a product, the curated selections on Coastal is a win win. You are promised a variety of stylish options that make statements, and won't break the bank. 


Derek Cardigan 7001 Brown Tortoiseshell

Thank you for reading! 

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