5 Ways To Improve Your Skincare Practice

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

Paying attention to one's appearance and actively showing care for the body says a lot about a person in terms of respect, and manners for their own well being. With menswear exploding on the scene within the last few years due to males paying more attention to the way they physically present themselves, it is no shock that grooming awareness has also skyrocketed. 

Spending more time in the bathroom than we would typically like is not ideal - at least not for me but making it a priority to keep track of physical traits that contribute to our cleanliness and health is worth it and more. Look at it as a necessary extension of your personal style. 

I never had troublesome skin until high school. It was really bad - I'm talking cystic grossness. My parents believed it was a part of growing up so we did not think too much of it - that is, until it started to get worse after I graduated from high school. I started seeing a dermatologist who helped me through it for about 3 - 6 months and after that, I started paying more attention to the way I was treating my skin. 

I have never claimed to have the most flawless skin but everyday, I do try my best to keep it looking as good as possible by working with basic procedures I have subjectively settled on after countless uses of a variety of grooming products. 

Here's how I keep up my skincare practice:  

1. Clip & Wash - Finger/Toenails

I see it this way. Most of what we do to our face, and body require the use of our fingers. Therefore, making sure there is no dirt underneath the toe/fingernails by cleaning and trimming them in a time span of every two weeks is mandatory.

2. Wash & Moisturize Daily - The Face

Think of moisturizers as a winter coat during the winter season but for your face. You NEED it. It prevents your skin from drying out - Also, wrinkles. Try to moisturize twice a day - after you wash your face in the morning, and at night, before bed. 

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3. Face Serum

While face serums are not mandatory, they're for people who want to go the extra mile for better skin condition. It detox's and repairs the skin. Serums were made to be used right before moisturizing.

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4. Detox With a FaceMask

I try to put on a detox face mask twice a week for about 7 - 10 minutes. This is meant to unclog pores and remove dirt. 

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5. Chapstick/Lip Balm

Nothing makes me feel more incomplete than being without some of lip moisturizer. As someone whose lips gets so dry easily, there is nothing more uncomfortable and inconveniencing than constantly licking your lips due to an unfortunate mishap that highlights losing your chapstick. The lips have no sebaceous glands which signifies that it can't concoct lip oils on its own therefore, lip balms and chapsticks are crucial. 

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Thank you for reading!