The Type of Underwear I Customarily Wear

Photography by, Victor Jolley

 Words by, Igee Okafor

Discussing underwear in casual conversation is not something that happens very often with men. Perhaps it is because underclothing is more of subjective preference attained from functionality rather than style. It makes sense. I can’t exactly attest that there is an absolute, first class underwear choice nowadays, but personally speaking, I believe men should prioritize on the kind of underwear they won’t have to readjust, or reconsider changing after they have put it on.

After years of wearing every type of underwear known to man; from briefs to trunks, I have come to the conclusion that boxer briefs are the best choice; at least for me. Here’s why:

Boxer Shorts for me, always needed some sort of re-adjusting which can get a little uncomfortable, and painful as they sometimes hug up against your crotch area. It can be quite the embarrassment story especially when you’re in public. From experience, they also sometimes don’t work well with jeans, or slim fitting trousers which can be a problem for men like me who prioritize such clothing items as it pertains to personal style.

Briefs are a good choice when it comes to practicality but as a whole presentation, they typically work well on fit, and slimmer bodies.

Boxer Briefs - my favorites, are a combination of briefs and boxers. With boxer briefs, you get the length of boxer shorts with a snug fitting which holds everything in place while also giving room for stretch, and movement for bodily actions. Every body type is guaranteed an easy breezy time with boxer briefs. Like regular briefs, boxer briefs allows for comfort, and sustenance, which aligns well with most forms of clothing, even athletic wear. Comprehensively, a suitable pair of briefs are remarkably complementary and, enjoyable to wear.

As for buying underwear in the design category, personal appraisal on the particular model is all that really counts. I like my underwear mirroring my personal style so, I ultimately go for timeless, modern, and minimal compositions in Black, White, and Navy.

What kind of underwear guy are you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Shirt / J Crew . Boxer Brief / Ken Wroy

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