Brunch at Cafeteria - You Are. You Eat. New York

Photography & Words by, Igee Okafor

Cafeteria NYC is an american restaurant in New York City located in the heart of Chelsea. My most recent experience with the restaurant took place about two weekends ago when my friends and I stopped by for brunch on a Sunday. We had to wait about 35 - 40 minutes to get seated because the restaurant was pretty busy by the time we got there. Immediately we got seated, we were given menus as per usual. First, our beverages were taken care of while we were given more time to decide on what we were going to chomp on. 

I decided on a cup of hot chocolate for my drink. I am a very simple eater so, for my meal, I went for a tomato omelet served with home fries, toast and, crispy bacon strips. The hot chocolate was almost perfect. It was not too creamy or sugary. It was served in the right temperature and was just as delicious as I expected it to be. The tomato omelet was good too; a little too plain and soft for my liking but I cleared my plate which means it was not bad at all. The home fries, toast, and bacon strips were very mouthwatering and scrumptious. My whole meal alongside my friends' looked appetizing. The environment was very conducive for socializing, dates and friendly hangouts and overall, my friends & I enjoyed ourselves. 

Ratings : /5

1. Decor | 5 | The decor is very simplistic and minimal as the primary colors of the restaurant are black, white and silver. It looked new, in vogue and very modern. Very intimate as well.

2. Food | 4 | The food was good. It was not mind blowing. The menu is pretty classic as it included burgers and salads.

3. Service | 4 | Our server was very friendly. She was polite, patient, personable and very well behaved. Our food was given to us on time and my friends and I were consistently checked on. I just wish she exuded more energy and excitement about having us there.

4. Location | 4 | The restaurant is located in a relatively busy part of New York City. Surrounded by offices, boutiques and, art galleries, I found that I was always distracted. The restaurant itself is great for dates, drop bys, and catching up with friends.

Thank you for reading!