Brunch at Earl's Kitchen & Bar. Massachusetts

Photography & Words by, Igee Okafor

For those who do not know, brunch is what I aim for when I go out to eat at restaurants. The variety of food is tremendous and I also love the freshness of the food displayed on the menus. It's so pleasing! 

I recently made a weekends trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts this past weekend and while I was there, It was only tradition for me to want to try brunching at a new restaurant. This want, led me to Earl's Kitchen & Bar; a Canadian chained restaurant which was highly recommended by a good connection of mine. This recommendation deemed authentic as I can proudly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

I visited the restaurant with a crony of mine and immediately we walked in, we were greeted politely and complimented on our outfits. I appreciated this because it made us feel more comfortable in what seemed to be an already relaxed environment. As we interacted with the employees at the front desk, I realized the restaurant was relatively busy so, I mentally prepared myself for a 15-20 minute wait. To my surprise, we were seated in under 10 minutes. It was fantastic. As soon as we were seated, our server joined us immediately to take our orders. She was very friendly and personable. Although she was working hard, she seemed to be enjoying herself and I appreciated that. 

When it came down to ordering my drinks, I opted for an orange juice and another non alcoholic beverage called the "Cucumber Mule". This drink was a mixture of cucumber juice, ginger, fresh lime and soda. Truth be told, I only ordered it because I saw another guest at the restaurant order it. The presentation of the beverage was visually appealing so, I decided it was worth a try so, I went for it. It is safe to say I was more than happy about what my taste buds experienced. As a person who is not too big on sugar, I appreciated its sour taste. It was not too strong, it was not too plain. It was just perfect. 

As it pertains to my main order, I decided on a Fried Egg Sandwich which consisted of Gouda, Caramelized lemon aioli and tomatoes on warm griddled sourdough. I also added a side of fried potatoes. My meal arrived on time and in great condition. It was warm, tasty and absolutely delicious. I left the restaurant filled up and very satisfied with everything I indulged in. 

Ratings: /5

1. Decor | 5 | For a huge and spacious restaurant, the decor was very simplistic and minimal. The restaurant featured wooden tables and black leather seats; very sophisticated. The seating varied with the options of the horseshoe booths, the bar, communal tables and more. There were also a few TV's which is convenient for guests who prefer to eat and keep up with sports at the same time.

2. Food | 5 | The menu is pretty extensive and for what I had, I can say the food was absolutely delicious and filling. It was all very savory and flavorful. The presentation of the food was also very alluring.

3. Service | 5 | The service was fantastic. The employees were very friendly and they did their best to make sure they were relatable enough to make a connection. 

4. Location | 5 | The restaurant is located in the town mall which is very clean and quiet. After you eat, you do not have to go home straight away. You have the option to shop around, get dessert or see a movie if you like. Who does not like convenient options? 

Thank you for reading!