Dinner at New York Burger Co. New York

Photography & Words by, Igee Okafor

 If you’re ever in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York, maybe touring the high line, or the art galleries, and you’re a little tight on time, or up for something simple, quick, tasty, and relatively cheap, New York Burger Co. is a good choice. The first time I visited the eatery, I was with two friends, and we had just visited some art galleries. On our way back home, we decided we wanted to grab a quick bite, and New York Burger Co. was on our way. Not being a huge fan of burgers, I was a little skeptical about the decision to eat there but, I figured they would have a decent take on fries so, I thought, "Why not?".

To my surprise, they had more than just burgers. Fresh salads were on the menu, as well as chicken sandwiches. With that being said, I opted for a pack of fries, and a Grilled Chicken meal all inclusive of an all-natural grilled chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs, and thyme aioli. A delicious meal altogether, I would have just preferred if the bread used for the sandwich was a little softer to make for a cleaner texture in the mouth when chewing.  

New York Burger Co. is your typical fast food joint. From the way food is ordered, down to the way food is received with the “eat in or take out” option. The employees were very respectful, and useful when it came to making food choices. The service was quick, and the wait time for food was reasonable. The eatery itself was tidy with minimal décor featuring, mostly wooden furniture. Nothing too intricate.  

Thank you for reading!