8 Men's Style Instagram Accounts to Follow

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographs Copied, and pasted via Instagram.

Like watching t.v, reading the newspaper, and playing video games, Instagram has become a way of life for most of us. As an influencer, I must admit, I spend quite the amount of time on Instagram for a few reasons; to see what my friends, and other influencers are up to, to get a good laugh, and to get inspired. Whether it's by an inspirational quote, or a visual presentation, I always look forward to whatever can get me excited. 

In today's case, the cause of excitement is the craft of personalizing menswear options. I am sure you might have seen the "best of the best" men's style instagram round ups. However, this is not one of them. This is just a subjective round up of eight of the many menswear devotees on Instagram, who contribute to making the platform a creative, and visually appealing space to spark conversation, and gain inspiration from. 

1. Jislain Duval | @JislainDuval

Jislain Duval is an international model originally from L'Acadie, Quebec. Mr. Duval's work can be linked to the likes of Ralph Lauren, Brioni, Tiffany & Co. and, more. Unlike most models, Mr. Duval does a fantastic job of showing off his taste in menswear through his personal style which is usually inclusive of traditional dapper elements in simplistic, relaxed, and minimal forms. 

2. Vlad Kotski | @VladKotski

Even though Vlad Kotski is not a signed model, every shot on his instagram page including his selfies, and candids look like they belong on the pages of GQ or Esquire magazine. Like myself, Mr. Kotski keeps his looks as polished as possible. Although, I'm sure he is not afraid to throw in statement pieces every now, and then, I respect the simplicity, and straightforwardness he often presents with his ensembles. 

3. Steven Onoja | @StevenOnoja

Steven Onoja is a Nigerian menswear influencer with over 30,000 followers on instagram. His feed is occupied with captures of his busy life as a menswear blogger - the events, photoshoots, and more. Because of this, we also get to see shots of his contemporary style. With his up-to-the-minute personal style, Mr. Onoja does a fine job of showcasing his cultural background, and other trends in menswear that he is able to translate to fit his aesthetic. Mr. Onoja's style is clean, classic, and incredibly lively. His instagram represents those characteristics to the fullest. 

4. Mayowa Adeniyi | @JustMayowa

Mayowa Adeniyi is a part of, The Gallant Army; a menswear collective that explores creative endeavors through international collaborations. Mr. Adeniyi's personal style places emphasis on clean cut ensembles, and smart accessorizing. Mr. Adeniyi is always snazzy. 

5. Johan Salomonsson | @MrSalomonsson

Johan Salomonsson is a creative director for SIR of Sweden. He also describes himself as a menswear enthusiast, and from the photos above, one can agree it is indeed, a title well deserved. My attraction to Mr. Salomonsson's personal style is his obvious eye for well detailed accents, clean tailoring, and quality fabrics.  

6. Alexander Atkins | @MrEssentialist

Not only is Alexander Atkins aka Mr Essentialist, a menswear blogger, he is also one of the most cultured online personalities you will ever come across. Mr. Atkins has single handedly curated a very exceptional, and distinguishable brand aesthetic founded on, individuality, luxury, and quality. 

7. Raymond Lee | @un____usual

If classic preppy style, and italian suiting had a baby, it would be Raymond Lee's personal style. What I admire about Mr. Lee's style, is the boldness and peculiar eye for detail. Mr. Lee is able to pull off garments, and color code combinations I could never dream of, and you can tell through his clothing choices that his love for color is operative. It's as if the art of menswear is an innate thing for him. It's refreshing! 

8. Minn Hur of Hvrminn | @Hvrminn

Minn Hur is the founder, and creative director of menswear brand, Hvrminn. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hur, and he does embody all of what he potrays online; personally, and with his craft. He is very well spoken, easy going, and relaxed. His instagram is a visual documentation of his collections, inspiration, and personal style. With the exposure of his taste in art, music, and movies, his feed comes off more as an experience versus a typical personal style inspiration board. Let's continue the conversation in the comments below. What mens style instagrams are you following? 

Thank you for reading!