5 Things I Love For Summer With MakeSpace

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photograph, Courtesy of MakeSpace

When it comes to organizing my closet for each season, I personally do not fancy sharing a wardrobe with clothing from every season. It's a distraction. When it's winter time, I only like to see winter clothes - When it's spring, I only like to see spring clothes. Same goes for the other seasons. Because of this, I end up storing off-season clothes in a suitcase or closet in the basement, or guest room to create personal space, and usually, by the time I'm ready to revisit those locked up clothes, I have to spend time cleansing them of dust, wrinkles, dirt, and everything else that comes with abandoned property.  

For those who can relate, and would like an alternative, helping resolve this kind of organization war is MakeSpace; an on demand self storage unit with a series of locations that makes its way to you, picks up your property, holds it, and delivers it whenever you'd like. With assistance from the MakeSpace app, other arrangements can be made to cater to your timely needs. 

Listed below are 5 things I am loving for summer 2016. 

Thank you for reading! 

In affiliation with MakeSpace. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of MakeSpace.