Two Porchlight Cocktails You'll Want To Recreate This Season

Words by, Igee Okafor & Michael Shain

Photography by, Erik Parapar

Porchlight is a well raved about bar that specializes in southern inspired cocktails and light meals. The bar, located in Chelsea, Manhattan highlights a contemporary space characterized by its trend setting offerings and its people. 

As the drinks continue to flow at Porchlight Bar in the spirit of the holiday season, I asked the team to share original recipes of the most sought after holiday cocktails they have in full swing: The Gibson, & The Blue Mountain Jaun.

With commentary from Porchlight's general manager, Michael Shain, both recipes are listed below for your tasting pleasure. Enjoy! 

The Gibson


This is our take on a classic Gibson, essentially a Martini garnished with an onion. We make our own cocktail onions, spiking them with sherry and sherry vinegar and brining them with spices inspired by the Tuxedo #2 cocktail. Furthermore, we add a touch of the remaining onion brine to the cocktail to make out version stand out.


Plymouth Gin 2 oz

Dolin Dry Vermouth 0.75oz

Onion Brine 0.25oz

Saline Solution 1dash

Glass: Coupe

Ice: None

Garnish: Cocktail Onion

Procedure: Build all of the ingredients in mixing glass and stir over ice. Strain into the glass. Garnish with a cocktail onion.

Essentials: Strong, Savory, Briny


The Blue Mountain Jaun (NYE Cocktail)


Porchlight's New Year's Eve party is called Camp Porchlight where the bar takes the shape of a lodge and attendees come in their finest flannel and relaxed winter attire. This cocktail is one that will be featured on their NYE menu. Looking at the cocktail in the photograph, it's easy to see how the name speaks for itself. 


1.5 Vodka

.5 Jalapeno infused tequila

.75 Lime juice

.25 demerara syrup

.5 coco ginger syrup

2 dash teapot bitters

Blue Curacao Mist

Cayenne Pepper Garnish

Preocedure: Fill glass with crushed ice and pack with a muddler. Mix all ingredients in shaker, add ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into glass, then add more crushed ice on top. Spray Blue Curacao Mist on top and garnish with Cayenne Pepper.

Thank you for reading!