The Perfect Guide For Hosting A Mellow Dinner Party

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Phil Yoon

If hosting events this year has taught me anything, it's that it takes a certain type of assertiveness, and skillful development to be able to succeed. As uncomplicated as it may seem, hosting anything - dinners in this case, is actually not as straightforward as most think. On a variety of levels, the process can be quite demanding. Securing a location, confirming the guest list, hiring staff, entertainment, and all that jazz.

Anybody can throw a dinner party but, it takes a one of a kind set of skills for one to be considered a great host who curates dining experiences that are too good to forget.

If you're planning on hosting brunches and dinner parties in the upcoming year, listed below are prompts that'll are sure to aid your planning process. 

1. The Guest List

This might be the most difficult part about dinner planning. You probably have a plethora of personalities you would love to have but it is important to balance that list out. Make sure you're not inviting loads of the same kind of people. For example, if it's a dinner for twelve, there is no reason seven of those individuals should work in finance. It is important to share a space where people are excited to be enlightened in various forms.

The popular thing is to consider making sure everyone in the group is at least familiar with one other person. I say it shouldn't be a big problem if you're the only other person as the host. 

2. Start off with drinks

A drink is the first thing guests should be offered upon arrival for refreshment. It's always exciting to have one or two signature cocktails for the night. You can label those cocktails according to the theme of the dinner or anything else that tickles your fancy. It makes a great start off talking point to raise enthusiasm for guests. Hiring a bar man or two would be ideal. You want to keep yourself as relaxed as possible. 

3. Table Setting / Ambiance Details

Dim lighting is preferred to set the mood alongside fresh flowers, and candles. For the sake of an unruffled ambiance, you want matching sets of a few things. Highlight your taste level with napkins, plates, drinking glasses and cutlery. 

4. Seating Plan

As a host, it is important to be well adjusted to the personalties of all of your guests. Seating opposite characters next to or across from each other can be just as good as seating alike personalities accordingly. You're the judge. If you believe a particular pair or group will get on well, make sure they flock together. 

5. The Food

Everyone gets to dig in when it comes to family style serving and this is why we love it. 

Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert. Two or three appetizers are appropriate. One main course and dessert aligns well. Before the night of the event, it is necessary to discuss eating preferences with all guests to make sure they're not allergic to anything you have planned. If they are, it is courteous to adjust to meet their needs. 

6. Playlist

Upon guest arrival and throughout the dinner, you want the music to be noticeable, but in a way that is soft, and subtle. You don't want to hype up guests too fast with throwback or top 40 hits right off the bat. You want to save all that energy until after dinner as the drinks continue to flow. Acoustic music is your best bet. 

7. Say, "Thank You"

Showing gratitude to your guests to close the evening shows good manners. Raising a glass of champagne for a goodbye salute is one of the most simplistically gracious things you can do. For the rest of the night, give hugs, and don't forget to smile. 

Thank you for reading!