5 Staple Travel Items Every Man Needs To Pack

Words by, Lucy Parks

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There are some essentials every man needs to take on his travels, which will ensure he is prepared for every eventuality. Take a look at the five staple items you must pack in your case when travelling on a holiday or trip.

Comfortable Sneakers

A pair of comfortable sneakers is a must when travelling the world, whether you are on a city break or tropical holiday, because they are a must for long walks when exploring a town, city or resort. Opt for a breathable, lightweight pair of sneakers that will feel comfortable and stylish in any weather. Also, it pays to choose a neutral colour so they match different holiday outfits, so black sneakers are always a great option.

Swimming Trunks

Whether you are heading to a sun-kissed resort or an icy-cold destination, a good pair of swimming trunks are an essential item in your suitcase, because you never know when you will want to take a dip in the pool or a warming hot tub. Also, if it is a little cold outside, a good pair of swimming trunks can be easily worn as an extra layer underneath your trousers.

A White T-Shirt

The staple white t-shirt is a must in every man’s closet, let alone their suitcase, because it can adapt to all seasons and styles. The clothing item can be worn alone or with a jacket, jumper or shirt, and the colour can suit any shade, so it is perfect for mixing and matching holiday looks.

A Good Shirt

Every man needs to pack at least one good shirt, because you never know if you will be invited to dinner at a locals’ house or will book a table at a luxurious restaurant. A classic Oxford shirt is also a breathable, smart option that is adaptable for varying temperatures, and it can often be wrinkle resistant, so you will not have to worry about the dreaded ironing when abroad.

A Sweater

Even if you are visiting a tropical destination, you will never regret packing a sweater in your luggage, as you can put it on during a colder evening or night. Opt for a plain sweater that can be worn alone or with a shirt, so it is adaptable for a sophisticated dining experience or a hike up a hill.

Staple items will minimize the amount of luggage you need to pack for your travels, which could even result in you taking only a carry-on case with on your flight, depending on the length of your trip. For travel inspiration for your next adventure, visit mrhudsonexplores.com that provides fantastic holiday ideas for the sophisticated gentleman.

So, the next time you head off on an adventure, pack comfortable footwear, a warming sweater and a smart shirt and t-shirt to ensure you are prepare for every season, terrain or situation. Also, opt for neutral items that complement each other, so you can change your looks without packing too many items.


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