The Perfect Summer Weekend on the Upper East Side

Five Upper East Side spots that are sure to make your hit list

As much as the hot weather in New York can be a bit discouraging at times during the summer, there is no doubt that there are certain neighborhoods in the city that are invigorating enough to make you forget. One of those neighborhoods for me is the Upper East Side. The essence the neighborhood exudes is one that is very receptive to the arts, class, and refinement.

It’s the kind of neighborhood that makes you want to dress up in your finest attire for good reason - you always have somewhere to go. After all, it’s considered one of the command posts for all things beautiful and luxurious.

If you live in New York City or plan on visiting, a fleeting list of my favorite places extends below:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

There is an overwhelming amount of the arts in New York City but the reason establishments like The Metropolitan museum of Art are able to thrive is because of its reception

of thoroughly documented variety. Ranging from fashion exhibits to historical oil paintings, any kind of art from every era can be found for your viewing pleasure.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

  • The Paris Theatre

Looking at the theatre from the outside, there is such a nostalgic feel to it. It feels very old skool in the most refreshing way possible and legend has it that James Dean watched movies there in the 1950’s. What is it about the Paris Theatre that people love? The people, its small and quaint space, the way the Velvet curtains open up on stage to reveal the movie screen before the film starts, and the fact that it is the only one screen theatre open in Manhattan. The Paris Theatre aura is one that has a signature character.

The Paris Theatre, 4 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

  • The Plaza Food Hall

Located directly across the street from The Paris Theatre on the concourse level of the Plaza Hotel is The Plaza’s very own food hall. Yes, it is as upscale as you can imagine. The food hall offers a plethora of food vendors and sit down dining options. When it comes to eating in the midst of a jet set environment without having to break your wallet, this food hall is the better choice. Goodluck trying to decide on what to eat, it’s all very delicious!

The Plaza Food Hall, 1 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019

  • Central Park

The idea of finishing breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and taking a walk around Central Park to relax is thrilling - especially on an airy summer night. Wind in hair and all. Try it! Take a long walk, take notes of the different walks of life you come across, enjoy the horses and enjoy the scenery. You deserve it!

  • The Creed Boutique

As stated earlier in this article, the Upper East Side is a go to for some of the finer things in the city. The Creed Boutique is no exception. Adorned with signature scents that are set to transcend time, The Creed Boutique is a great place to shop for a new fragrance - for yourself or for someone special. My personal favorite is the Royal Oud. 

The Creed Boutique, 794 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

Thank you for reading!

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