A Tropical Weekend Getaway to The Bahamas

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Shawn Hanna

The Bahamas is celebrated for its de-stressed ambience and its indefectable waters so for my first weekend visit this past month, it was no surprise most of my time was spent lounging by the island's crystal clear waters, indulging in delicious delicacies. The Eggs Benedict featured in the gallery above tasted as flavorful as it looks.

Exploring the island, every area I seemed to come across presented the best possible opportunity for #TravelGram moments. Almost every corner looked like a color explosion of some sort had occurred.

If you're planning on experiencing this Island life in addition to prioritizing the best photographs you could possibly capture, a list of my favorite locations extend below. Not just for photographs, but for food, drinks, and overall tranquility.  

  • Warwick Hotel on Paradise Island

The Warwick hotel is one of the more upscale hotels located on Paradise island. The staff is very friendly and very informed on the hotel and activities you can participate in outside its four walls. Booking a stay with Warwick Hotels is all inclusive of a complimentary food and drink arrangement during your stay.

Harbour Drive PO Box SS-6378
Paradise Island, Bahamas

  • Compass Point Beach Resort

While I did not stay at the Compass Point Beach Resort, I had the pleasure of visiting twice during my trip. Never in my life had I seen any living arrangement as colorful and as dynamic. The way each building is beautifully painted and curated for a cohesive visual presentation is very impressive. Especially with a beautiful view of the clear ocean. It's definitely worth the visit. 

 West Bay Street Gambier, W Bay St, Nassau 00000, Bahamas

  • Studio Cafe

Located right across the Compass Beach Resort is Studio Cafe, a restaurant well fit and conducive for eating, relaxing and socializing. The ambiance exuded such an islander feel. The music, the decor and the view. I was able to brunch here opting for the very delicious Eggs Benedict. The view from the outdoor seating area is quite lovely and so was the service

851 West Bay Street. PO BOX N3010. Nassau, NP, Bahamas

Thank you for reading!