Taking A Compliment The Right Way

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

When you take time out to do something that is sure to garner the attention of people around you: like getting dressed nicely or wearing a sensational fragrance, a polite expression or admiration of praise is sure to follow. Sometimes from people you know, and other times, from people you're not too familiar with.Despite the existing circumstances, gauging the correct way to accept a compliment properly can be a bit unclear.

In the hopes of securing clarity at all times, a few pointers on how to accept compliments with elegance and sophistication extends below:

Saying "Thank You" Immediately Is a Form of Good Manners

Never down play a compliment. Even though sometimes, it comes from a place of trying to humble, you're essentially telling the person who complimented you to double check their taste. That doesn't say very much about you or your people skills. We are all taught from a very young age, when someone does or says something nice to and for you, "thank you" is the appropriate response - with eye contact and a genuine smile. Compliments are no exception.

If there is a story behind whatever is being complimented, for example: learning how to tie a bow tie for the first time about an hour before the compliment, going the extra mile to say somethinglike "That's so kind of you" or "That means a lot to me" shows the person who complimented you that you have a sense of humility and open willingness to embrace the taste of others. 

Say Something Nice Back (Only if You Mean It) 

When some people get complimented, they tend to say something nice back as it pertains to compliments. Not because they mean it but because it is a knee jerk reaction especially when it comes to strangers. While it may seem polite from the surface, always keep in mind that your compliments are reflective of your person, point of view, and taste. So, if you really don't care for what you're complimenting, refer to tip number 3 as an alternate. 

If You have Time to Spare, Chat For A Bit

This is a wonderful way to work on your social skills. Practice makes perfect, and although this might be a bit difficult for some people, calling out the fact that it can be a bit strenuous to identify talking points especially with a complete stranger, making an effort shows you have good manners. "How is your day going?" is a great start for talking points. It'll keep the ball rolling on a tangible conversation and who knows what good that will lead to? 


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