How To Make Good Friends Beyond The Veneers of Social Media

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Jun Jimenez

In a world swept up in the blessings and curses that are labeled "technology" and "social media", it is now easier for people to lack when it comes to making meaningful connections beyond the convenience of a screen. Sometimes because of the comfort of being able to access whoever and whatever we want through a few taps on our mobile devices, we train our brains and minds to completely disregard the principles we need to make worthwhile physical interactions. 

Friends are necessary - it's a fact. As humans, in any way you choose to see it, it's our natural inclination to be dependent on one another. Whether it's for work purposes, or other social activity, a plight of shared credence, reliance, and support is an essential every individual requires.

A brief communicative and good natured guidance on how to solidify the conduct of friendships extend below:

  • Be Interested

As much as we like to talk about ourselves, it is of high importance to be genuinely interested in what others have going on in their lives. Be Present. Learning about others can help broaden and uncover our horizons as things pertain to the ideologies we adapt to live our daily lives in the most fruitful way possible. See how you can use what you have to help each other in a way that is as deserving as you see fit. 

  • Be Open to the act of Passivity

Hiding behind a mask only faults you in the end. In every situation, it is important to loosen up and be yourself at all times. As humans, one of the many common traits we share centerpieces the idea of being vulnerable. People want to trust and be around people they can relate to. Being timid or hesitant in situations that don't call for it can be extremely unpleasant. 

  • Accept People For Who They Are and Do Your Best To Compliment Them

Go with the flow. Part of what makes us human is the fact that we all have go-ahead personalities that are ever changing depending on our continuous life experiences. We are allowed to have mood swings, and developing outlooks on the world that may or may not be appropriate at all times. It is important to be patient and understanding enough to know when to step up with love and without judgement. If something comes naturally to you, execute accordingly. For example, if it's in your nature to plan hangouts and activities, do so especially if the friend in question is always willing to engage. Never put pressure on the other friend to do so if that's not how they live. 

Look at it like this. With every job or project where a mutual goal has to be accomplished, everyone has roles to play to make it happen. Roles that are given according to the team player's strong points. Contribute accordingly. 

  • Be Dependable

Support! Do your best to be a good support system. Check in from time to time bit do not be clingy. Show your friend you care about them in ways that are thoughtful and engaging. Speak the truth, do your best to respond and engage whenever they require you to. This includes personal issues, birthdays and other special events in their lives that necessitate your support. Loyalty goes a long way. 

  • Create Time To Indulge In Ventures That Will Effortlessly Strengthen Your Friendship

Creating time to bond in a way that isn't forced is crucial. Do your best to indulge in activities that challenge all involved to create distinct memories that'll inspire and motivate. 

  • Be Kind

Be respectful at all times especially when it comes to disagreements. No matter what you do, it is always important to confront and resolve conflict as soon as it arises. This comes from being an individual that prioritizes honesty and maturity. Always allow room for an open discussion on perspective. Whether they did something to upset you or whatever the case might be, learning the contexts of "why" and "intention" is worth the discussion for a sound understanding. Thank you for reading! 

Thank you for reading!