Doors Are Always Opening with Uber

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marcus Richardson

One of my favorite things about working in menswear is that I get to wear many hats. I am an educator, a stylist, a content producer, a model, a talent, and the list goes on. All of these require me to be in a variety of places at one time, and sometimes, when everything is so busy as someone playing multiple roles, one of the ew things you can do is get some time to yourself to relax, and think. That's what Uber does for me. Sitting in the back of a car admiring views that can sometimes be missed, listening to music, or simply having a conversation with the driver-partner puts me in the right mindset to pursue the rest of my day.

In this Uber moment, everything is comfortable, and slowed down especially being in a city like New York where slowing down is almost impossible. Sometimes, all I need to power through the day is sometime to myself. The convenience gives me the right confidence/mindset I need to go about my daily duties. Whether that's being a guest host on a radio show, styling a client, or directing a shoot.

Uber’s adaptable options also give assistance more efficiently: a traditional Uber car ride,  or taking an electric JUMP bike. Here’s what I enjoy the most about each option:

JUMP Bike:

In a big city like New York where I live, traffic can become so bad that sometimes, you’re better off riding a bike to get to your destination on time.

Now, Uber makes it really easy with JUMP bikes! You just  use the Uber app to locate them all around the city at their charging points, unlock, and pay for the bike. There’s an easy lock system, gps tracking, it’s speedy, it’s uncomplicated, and usually favorable. Also, if you’re one who enjoys exercising, this is one way to get in your dose. Such a modern, and convenient way of life.

Traditional Uber Car Ride:

With the traditional Uber ride, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is  fill in a pick-up spot, and a drop-off destination. Within minutes, Uber aligns you with drivers who are closest to you. I typically find that Uber Rides come in handy for me during the winter seasons when it’s too cold to walk anywhere, and for jobs, and events, I have to be well rested, and calm for. As someone who works in an industry that requires quite the amount of multi tasking, I also like to use traditional Uber rides as a chance to answer emails, hop on quick calls, fill in pitch decks on my laptop, and so on. There’s always something to do, and traditional uber rides allow for it.

Thank you for reading!

Sponsored by Uber. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of Uber.