Rockefeller Gift Guide: Three Brands You Should Shop For The Man Of Style

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marcus Richardson

Shopping for the holidays can be a perplexing task, and shopping for a man who is stylishly aware is no easier. If you’re like me, you spend quite the amount of time putting a lot of thought into the kind of holiday gifts you’re procuring for your loved ones. Shopping the items you believe to be delightful on the surface is one thing, and shopping items that’ll actually prove to be useful, and relevant to the lifestyle of the ones you’re gifting is another.

When it comes to shopping for the the men of style in your life, you want to proceed with the latter. True men’s style mavens understand product, and it’s important to play to that. What you want to consider is a mix of luxury, and affordable products that can be utilized in efficient, and memorable ways.

In partnership with Rockefeller Center, I have handpicked some of my favorite items from three of the complex’s stores to help with your holiday gift guide. A list of polished items, and cultivated experiences extend below:

Bergamot & Neroli Full Size Kit with Pure Shaving Brush:

We all know a man who takes his grooming very seriously. He enjoys the art of shaving (literally). The grooming oil, the shaving cream, the after shave balm, and all of what extends past. There’s nothing like the procedure, and detail that goes into a man making sure his face is clean shaven with no bumps, or cuts. Give the stylish man in your life some certainty with the Bergamot & Neroli Full Size Kit. With this kit, he is assured a high performance shave with comfortable cushion, and glide. Also, who doesn’t love a light, and refreshing citrusy scent all year round?

Luxury Shaving Stand:

Shaving is an act of formality for most men, so if you’re looking to highlight a gift that’ll surely be utilized, the shaving stand is a fantastic choice. When shopping, you want to be on the lookout for a design that will fit the shaving brush, and the shaving stick for maximum productivity. A classy option featuring a double tiered base is above standard. It’s very sturdy, and holds neatly.  

Sandalwood & Cypress Cologne:

The Sandalwood & Cypress cologne is at the top of my must have list. I love elegant scents, and to be quite honest, this one is just as interesting, as it is refreshing. Simply put, for the men who simply enjoy “manly” scents, this is a winner.


If you’re somebody who likes to gift a specific one of a kind experience, booking a haircut as a gift carries a lot of weight. Something as simple as a haircut has the power to give a man all the self confidence he needs moving onwards. Why not treat him to the Art of Shaving barbershop?

Silver Tartan Camo Scarf:

Essentially, every man needs a scarf to gear up for the winter season that is ahead of us. Aside from its efficiency, it makes for a great finishing touch on any layered ensemble. For the winter especially, no pattern is more appropriate than tartan in silvers, and blues. These colors look best, and most tidy as it pertains to pairing with most of what you’ll find in his closet.

Moorland Suede Field Jacket:

Handmade in Brooklyn, The Moorland Suede Field Jacket might be the perfect thing to get a man who is deeply rooted in sartorial style. With features of the camouflage lining, the shoulder epaulettes, the suede, and banana collar, it’s easy to see why there is visual interest.  It’s a good looking option for a casual jacket that can be matched with a nice jeans. It’s well made, light weight, and it lends itself to every season. A form fitting match is ideal.

Rainier Split toe- Blucher Boot:

What better shoes to go through winter with than a pair of good boots. Boots like the rainier split toe blucher from Allen Edmonds aren’t your typical boots. These commando sole selections feature characteristics that are style definitive like its nappa pebble grain calfskin. Physically speaking, they give the boots that certain je ne sais quoi. They’re also warm, adaptable, and easy to wear - especially with dark denim.

Vaider Shearling Jacket:

The Vaider Shearling jacket is one of the brand’s most distinctive pieces. While it’s probably not a jacket most men gravitate towards to instinctively, it’s a huge upgrade from the casual jacket. This minimalist take on shearling is something every man needs. It looks sharp, it looks smart, and its modern take on the washed black sheep skin is commendable. Point blank: The Vaider Shearling Jacket is a style upgrade.

The Double Breasted Hilt Coat:

I find double breasted menswear items to be very stylish, and The Hilt coat is one of those everyday essentials you’ll be thankful you got. Men love items that they don’t have to think heavily about before wearing, and the hilt coat in black is one of those items. Black goes with everything, and it’s one of the three colors most men are instinctively comfortable with wearing. Inject the double breasted feature of the coat, and you have stylish practicality that is easy to wear.

Heavy Wool Blanket Scarf:

Scarves are supposed to keep us warm, and heavy wool blanket scarves does that, and more making it perfect for the winter season. Infact, I will say they’re one of winter’s most favorable accessories. Although it’s not the easiest layering fit, the accessory really flourishes as “around the neck” and “over the shoulder” piece. Authentically, while maintaining some stylish features like its traditional fringing, this particular scarf serves a more of a utilitarian purpose.

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In affiliation with Rockefeller Center. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of Rockefeller Center.