Your Next Caribbean Vacation Should Be On a Cruise Ship

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Aaron Wester

When it comes to fixed holiday periods, I'm sure most can agree when I say the yearn for warm weather, and the beach is the general direction for most vacationers. 

If you're reading this, you are probably one of winter's victims. You've endured months of harsh cold weather, and you've doubtlessly spent a lofty amount of time exploring colorful travel feeds on Instagram. Everyone seems to be basking in the warm sun with dynamic experiences inclusive of good food, and music. It's all so invigorating, and all of a sudden, you are ready to plan your own getaway in the most comprehensive way possible. Guilty as charged!

This desire to journey along an experience reminiscent of a lively summer season unlocked an interest in traveling on the high seas. Two Words: The Caribbean. What's more tropical than wondrous beaches, steamy weather, and delicate attire? All of the afore mentioned on a cruise ship. Here's why: You Can Sail on a ship like Royal Caribbean's "Anthem of The Seas".

Most people believe cruises are dated - and while I understand why it can feel that way, Royal Caribbean's "Anthem of The Seas" is making all the right calls. Service, food, drinking options, shopping, and travel destinations: they've got you covered. 

Where You're Staying: 

If you're traveling solo or in a pair with someone who you do not mind sharing a bed with, the accommodation on the ship presents a balcony stateroom. That's what you should opt for. You're guaranteed a bit more space, and a private balcony that allows for a one of a kind ocean view. For larger groups and families, you can get a deal if you opt for the deluxe/suites. Both living plans feature bathrooms, flat screen TV's, wardrobe space, and other complimentary services inclusive of meal plans, and entertainment. 

What To Eat and Drink:

You better have a huge appetite because the food options on The Royal Caribbean are quite extensive. There are a collection of fine dining options as well as fast food joints, and of course, room service while overlooking the sea from your balcony. The food is good enough. Make sure you do your best to try every option. On the subject of bars, Royal Caribbean features more than you can imagine with exceptional service which makes the experience even more noteworthy. Staying refreshed is a given. 

How You're Being Entertained: 

Should you get bored of eating, drinking, or shopping on the high seas, the entertainment structure on the ship is quite impressive. Everything from theatre productions, to skydiving, to movie nights, and roller skating, the ship offers. 

Where You're Visiting: 

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of destination options. Where you're going to visit is subject to your preference. You'll be able to make a decision once you start the process. On my Caribbean cruise, St. Lucia was the final destination, and in between, I was able to explore the cobblestone streets, and colorful buildings of Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten just for a few hours when the ship docked. 

What more could you want from a dynamic Caribbean experience? 

Thank you for reading!