5 Reasons Why Cars Move Men

Words by, Peter Minkoff

Photography by, Trey Hicks


The article below is a featured guest post enunciated, and written by lifestyle writer at Men-Ual magazine UK, Peter MinkoffSpecially written for www.igeeokafor.com. Edited and Approved by, Igee Okafor.


It’s not a secret that guys love cars. For them, the price is rarely an important factor when it comes to buying a good car. And even today, when there are so many eco-friendly cars, most men still opt for a fast, powerful machine. This love can be seen even in the way they take care of their vehicles – some guys’ cars are cleaner than their bedrooms. So, what it is about cars that move men? Here are five reasons men love cars.

1. A Sense of Freedom

For men, cars represent freedom and adventure while also allowing them to be in full control. In other words, when they have a machine that follows their every command and can take them wherever they want to be, it gives them a sense of freedom and happiness. This is also why many men tend to drive with only one hand on the wheel – they feel comfortable in their car. Plus, in the world where very few things are under our control, it’s not hard to see why men love their fully controllable cars.

2. A Feeling of Accomplishment

It’s not easy to buy a dream car, and nowadays, you have to work extra hard to buy any car at all. So, when men manage to get a car that they truly love and have spent years working for, like Rolls-Royce or Ferrari, for example, they become emotional about it. It becomes not just a machine but a symbol of their hard work, which is why they will cherish it and take good care of it. Moreover, the society has made men believe that they are not “real men” unless they own a car. This is why owning a car is like a rite of passage for men – it gives them an increased sense of self-worth.

3. They Are Practical

Needless to say, cars are practical. Regardless of the weather, a car can get you to your destination in one (dry) piece. Or, if you have a lot of things to move from one location to another, you can simply put them in your car. Late to work? Drive, and you’ll get there in time. Plus, cars can also bring your whole family together; if you like traveling, you can go on a family road trip and drive your small SUV in Australia. In short, there is plenty of room in your car for all your necessities, it can benefit your whole family, and it protects you from the elements quite effectively.

4. An Outlet For Their Emotions

True, driving fast is dangerous, but it also gives men the chance to unwind and simply feel good. Men tend to search for outlets that allow them to express their frustrations, calm their nerves, or simply think things through, and driving fast in their cars is one of the best ways to do all that. After all, there aren’t many things more calming than driving along the open road, especially when the weather is nice.

5. They Are Customizable

A great thing about cars is that even if you buy a car that might not be perfect, you can perfect it yourself. They are fully customizable, so you can easily replace the parts that don’t suit your needs, upgrade the engine, paint your car in any color you want, etc. Plus, many men appreciate the process as much as they do the result, which is why working on a car, even building it from scratch, makes men not just happy, but proud.

For men, cars are much more than a means of transport. They represent freedom, power, and accomplishment. Cars allow them to express their emotions, and they can be customized to fit the driver’s needs. And finally, cars also have a practical role. With all that in mind, it’s not hard to see why so many men are in love with their four-wheeled pets.

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