How To Make The Most Out Of Weekends During The Summer

Words by, Peter Minkoff

Photography by, Kenny P Chen


The article below is a featured guest post enunciated, and written by lifestyle writer at Men-Ual magazine UK, Peter MinkoffSpecially written for Edited and Approved by, Igee Okafor.


Some of you may be going away to a tropical beach destination this summer and others are staying put, either due to work commitments of simply because beachy getaways aren’t your thing (or don’t your budget). However, both groups will need ‘summer fillers’ e.g. activities that will help you get the most out of summer. The vacationers are bound to return from the beach at one point and summer days are long and the nights are young, so this article goes out to everyone. Don’t be a couch potato who spends their weekend vegging out in front of Netflix and getting takeout. It’s time to seize the glorious season and we’re here to give you some of the best idea to make your weekends the best ones to date.

  • Dive Right In

Even if there isn’t an ocean or sea in your area, there are bound to be certain bodies of water such as outdoor pools, which offer all the fun of the beach and none of the hassle that goes with getting rid of sand from all your belongings. Where there are pools there are bars, and you can totally make a day of it, provided that you bring your very best squad along. You can swim – which isn’t only fun but does amazing things for your physique, level of fitness, health and even skin. You can also sunbathe, sip cocktails – even if they’re non-alcoholic healthy juice ones and perhaps after the fun in the sun you can just pack up and go to a picnic in the park. It seems that everyone’s forgotten how fun picnics with friends (or significant others) can be, so this summer, bring the picnic back in style.

  • Perfect Time To Bond

The rest of the year has been hectic, but summer is the perfect time to walk into your boss’s office and suggest that some type of team building event be organized. Depending on the budget, you can go to a full-blown retreat, or organize it in the workplace. The first option is way more appealing but the second one can be great as well. You can organize incredible bonding activities and get to know the colleagues you haven’t had the chance to spend time with and really give yourself a chance to do so.  In order to entice a little competitive spirit, you definitely should get those incredible game show buzzers, make teams and battle it out in a game you create yourself. Depending on the activities you choose, this team building experience can be a lot more fun than any generic kind.

  • Saturdays are For Friends

You may be stuck behind a desk for five days a week, but Saturdays, those are all yours. However, don’t sleep in too much, because one of the joys you most certainly don’t want to miss is Saturday brunch with your best friends. There is great food to be eaten, mimosas before lunchtime to be drank and new gossips and news to share. After a long week, you need to unwind, dish, and catch up with friends and get the 411 on what’s been going on in their lives. You’ll be surprised with how much can happen in a week’s time.

  • Go At It Alone

Summer days and even early evenings are great for spending some quality time with yourself. You can make a personalized itinerary of things perhaps only you love to do, and just go and spend the day all on your own. You can go shopping for some new summer clothes – you can never have too many basics, or you can even hit certain shops that carry items you’ve be ogling for some time now. You can even hit vintage and secondhand stores and hunt for hidden treasures. Go to a bookstore and pick up a couple of promising titles that have gotten great initial reviews or even scout for cult classics that you’ve always wanted to read but never got the chance to. Take yourself out to lunch and then for a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Explore your city, sit by the river and just let yourself be for a moment. A day well spent with yourself is like meditation – rejuvenating and replenishing, and you get to do everything according to your agenda and your taste.   

  • Learn How To Cook

Just in case you’ve always wanted to be one of those people who are ‘always the host’, perhaps your weekends will be best spent trying out new recipes and mastering some cooking skills. You don’t have to have as much talent as practice to become a decent cook, and if you already have the fine china and great dinner table décor, all you need is a couple of delicious  meals under your belt and will be ready to take on the role of the best dinner party host. Summers are too hot to go clubbing anyway, so you might as well do something that’s both productive and enjoyable instead. And if you don’t know how to approach it alone, look into cooking classes in your area and learn from professionals.

Summers seem long but they go by at the blink of an eye, which is why you have to grab every second and be as productive and have as much time to learn new skills, spend time with loved and everything else that brings you joy.

Thank you for reading!