The Half Zipped Sweater for Nautical Dressing

Photography by, Oscar Diaz

Slowly, but surely, you will see that my closet is very well rounded when it comes to sweaters. You can call this my Half Zipped Sweater debut on Half Zipped Sweaters are somewhat popular in menswear. They are available in a series of stores and, it seems to be an essential piece not a lot of males frequent except the older ones. At least from my observation, and the blogs I read. 

With half zipped sweaters, it's like all types of sweaters are combined into one; turtlenecks, v necks and, crew necks. They are very versatile for season changes which is very important. Its thin material allows for layering during the fall, winter and spring months. For the summer, they can be thrown over the shoulders and, can be worn to get-togethers, lunches and alike. It can work for a more relaxed look like the one I am featuring in this post or a dressed up look with a shirt and tie. 

Nautical dressing for the spring/summer is something I have embraced these past few years.  The bold color palettes, stripes, prints and patterns have always been something I have admired hence my inspiration for this look. Rather than imitating the typical striped look for this nautical inspired look, I decided to play with the color palette. The orange half zipped sweater is the brightest sweater I own and seeing that it looked visually pleasing when placed against the blues in my closet prompted me to create this nautical look. When it comes to nautical dressing, appropriate color scheme is the key to pulling off a great outfit. With a simple and lively ensemble like this, you are ready to go yachting if you please. 

What do you think of the way I styled this look? What would your ideal nautical look be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading! 

Half Zipped Sweater / Covington . Shirt / Michael Kors . Watch / Breda 1654a . Shorts / H&M . Boat Shoe / Lacoste