The Look | New York Fashion Week: Men's, Day 3

Photography by, Victor Jolley

I only had to attend four shows for day three of New York Fashion Week: Men's. Asaf Ganot, Gypsy Sport, Nautica & Zachary Prell respectively. As you'd probably guess, this was my least manic day. The weather started off a little gloomy so, I thought, "Why not inject a bit of color to distract from the gloom?" 

This thought fueled my decision to wear this hot pink shirt from J.Ferrar. It was a Wednesday too, so it felt appropriate. (Side note, if you caught that Wednesday reference, you're awesome). As for the rest of the ensemble, I felt the best way to underwhelm the loudness of the shirt was to balance it out with cool neutrals; Blues and Whites. I had never taken on a Window Pane blazer before so, I felt it was the right time to test it out. Funny enough, window pane suits seemed to be a recurring style staple that week. I even bumped into another man at an event wearing the same blazer on the same day. Thankfully, our style differences saved us. At least, I hope so. 

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Haskell Crystal Sunglasses / Warby Parker . Windowpane Blazer / League of Rebels . Shorts / H&M . Sneakers / Adidas