Traveling In Style: What I Wear On A Plane

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Daniel Ottavio 

I see value in looking stylish when traveling. By stylish, I do not necessarily mean a three piece suit or an ensemble featuring your best peak lapel blazer. If it works for you without having to undo your tie or worry about rumpling your blazer, I am envious. For me, looking stylish when traveling is defined by one thing - comfort.

The process of traveling is not always the most unflappable. Through security, delays, countless check ins, check outs, and hours sitting quietly in one specific spot, I am sure the idea of prioritizing comfort through clothing is relatable. Choosing the most relaxed look for your travels will not automatically make for an easy breezy travel process but it does give you one less thing to worry about.

This is why clothing items like sweatshirts and jeans are available to us. Think soft - think cozy. 

Pictured above are the clothing essentials that make my travel process easier. 

  • The Sweatshirt

Because of its soft and breathable fabric. It is also one of the least painful clothing items to style. 

  • The Slim Fit Jeans

I'll take the next best thing to sweatpants. Quite the amount of people claim that jeans are uncomfortable. Debatable because I believe they can be - especially when they are custom made for you by 3x1. What to look out for? A well fitted, relaxed fit. 

  • The Loafers

I typically opt for sneakers with a slim silhouette. When those aren't available, I go for the next best thing in terms of comfort - Penny loafers. Penny Loafers to me mirror what flats are to women. No lace work, easy to slide on, easy to walk in, and easy to get off. 

Safe travels.


Pitch Grey Sport Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt / Lacoste . Slim Fit Jeans / 3x1 . Socks / Ralph Lauren . Grayson Penny Loafers / Johnston & Murphy . Wrist Watch / Daniel Wellington . Optical Glasses / Oliver Peoples . Suitcase / Tommy Hilfiger

Thank you for reading!