The Two Fall Pieces You Can Wear at Any Age

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Xavier Duah

Fall dressing - a phrase everyone experiencing colder weather thinks about these days in one way or another: what colors look great together, what pieces you should be looking out for, what kind of brands that appeal to the cause, and so on. Fall dressing as we know it today especially in menswear is about utilizing clothing items that are as functional, as they are fashionable.

Ranging from outerwear to suiting style, the best clothes are the ones that never seem to go out of style - something a brand like Paul Stuart does very well targeting the men whose personal style influences favor unfading representations of what it means to be utilitarian in workwear, casual wear, and formalwear.

Listed below are two items that fall into the category:

Sweaters have remained one of my favorite quint essential fall staples for the last few years, but what really draws me to the shetland crew neck sweater from Phineas Cole, Paul Stuart’s modern, and more stylish take on the brand are the colors they come in, and the craftsmanship that applies. Specifically, the orange selection I am featuring above works well on any skin tone. It can be paired with a nicely cuffed trousers, a pair of jeans, or chinos.

Talking about taking “cozy” to the next level, shetland has lent itself to knitwear and outerwear these last few seasons for a reason. Nowadays, notable brands like Paul Stuart are working with the characteristics of Shetland that make the material so favorable like its breathability and elasticity, and they’re reconstructing it to produce more fashion forward items of clothing that feel light, and easy to wear.

The shetland sweater works best layered under tailored clothing because its construction is quite pristine allowing for a slim fit look. The ribbing around the neck area, and bottom of the sweater makes for a clean, and crisp presentation.

The thing with the Fall Season is its inconsistent weather. One minute, it’s chilly, the next minute, you’re in need of a warmer layering piece. That’s where the Shetland wool jacket comes in as a classic fit. They’re simple, favorable, and fantastic for any occasion especially seeing that they’re windproof, and durable.

What makes this particular Shetland Wool jacket I am wearing above so special is its modern take on the structure of accustomed canvas lining. This very fashionable jacket is well tailored, made of subtle, and conducive Shetland wool, and has an appealing well crafted lining. With this piece, there’s no complicated foundational work as the canvas is lightly cached around the shoulder area. This customization still allows for a plushy feel while also keeping a powerful shape.

Paul Stuart has done a fantastic job of making a well tailored, three button jacket for the colder season so loosened, and relaxed; a context that would otherwise demand a heavier/sometimes itchy getup.


Shetland Crew Neck Sweater - Shetland Wool Soft Jacket / Phineas Cole

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In affiliation with Paul Stuart. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of Paul Stuart.