New York Fashion Week: Men's - Faq's Answered

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Xavier Duah

Runway shows, presentations, exquisite fashion parties and street style photos. It's that time again - fashion show season. Quite the amount of people are fascinated by the looks of a fashion celebration as big as fashion week. So am I. I love being swept up in the excitement of looking forward to a convention that showcases first rate tailoring and design on a larger scale. Contemporary looks. 

Another season of New York Fashion Week: Mens is upon us and to kick off this year's New York Fashion Week: Mens series on, I have answered frequently asked questions about the event below based on my experience as an attendee for the past three seasons. 

If you have ever wondered about the basic ins and outs of New York Fashion Week, these answers should be of use. 


  • What is New York Fashion Week: Men's and why is it important to menswear? 

It's quite simple, really. At New York Fashion Week: Men's, designers present their collections for the season ahead in a sequence of runway shows and presentations. Although fashion week is highlighted by the masses for its extravagant parties and street style round ups, they are important to the fashion industry. 

For designers, this is their way to really make a statement and creatively express the aura and inspiration for their work. It's more artistic, I believe. They receive some amount of publicity and promotion for their collections with hope that store buyers will make orders for their various stores. Magazine editors and bloggers attend to forecast menswear movements they see dominating the season which they will also incorporate into fashion features and editorials. 

  • What is the difference between a Runway show and a presentation? How long do both last?

Runway shows and Presentations and two different things. Attending a runway show, expect to sit or stand depending on your assigned seating arrangement. You're there to watch models walk by one after the other in different looks. It's what you would typically expect. Runway shows last for about 5 to 10 minutes.

As for presentations, models are lined up and positioned in a certain spot in one room. People walk in, look at the collections, take photos, make notes and leave. It's very brief. Imagine walking into a museum and cruising the different art pieces. It's very similar. These usually last about an hour.

  • How many times a year does fashion week take place in New York?

New York Fashion Week: Men's happens twice a year. Typically in February and July. 

  • What is the New York Fashion Week: Men's Fall/Winter 2017 schedule?

Four days full of presentations, shows, and social gatherings that are on and off the list. 

  • Who goes to these shows and how do they get invited?

Everyone who attends a fashion week show must be invited. I like to say that the people who attend NEED to be there for the reasons I have discussed while answering the question about why fashion week is important to menswear. Fashion Editors, Retail store buyers, bloggers, influencers, clients of designers and celebrities. 

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