Injecting Color To Your Casual Look With 5 Menswear Essentials

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Gina Palermo

Commonly, the colors that dominate my wardrobe are Navy, Black, Tan, and Grey. This is because I have found that I look, and feel the most comfortable in minimal, and subtle pieces. This does not mean I am opposed to color. In fact, whenever I go shopping for the spring/summer season, I prioritize on finding pieces of color. However, when I find pieces I like, I back down, or try to talk myself out of it, because I get uncomfortable - I fear the idea of overstating or dramatizing through color. I'm sure a lot of males can relate to this. 

The solution? Finding a good medium. I have concluded that subtly working with colors, by incorporating them minimally as accessories or detail pieces is a fair compromise. The outfit above presents an example of the balance. 

Starting off the look is 1) The Cardigan, and 2) The White T-shirt. A lightweight cardigan is a spring essential. Like the crewneck sweater, it works as an option to help keep warm during chilly spring nights. The white t-shirt is a classic piece. Because of each item's plain and minimalistic feature, I used the colors as a base, and foundation for the pops of color I wanted to include.

The color pop lies in the 3) The Chinos, and 4) The Wrist Watch Strap. The boldness of the orange color on the wrist watch strap prompted pairing with another muted color to avoid risking obvious color shouting. Hence, the understated bluish, green chinos. 

Finishing the outfit is 5) The Penny Loafers, a laid-back, and easy going staple made for casual activity. In a muted burgundy, the style of shoe compliments the relaxed aura of the outfit, and its color aids to the standout of the orange wrist watch. 

Cardigan / Uniqlo . T Shirt / J Crew . Chinos / H&M . Penny Loafers / Jack Erwin . Wrist Watch / Shore Projects

Thank you for reading!