These are The Items I'm Looking Forward to Wearing All Summer

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, John Schell

Summertime is fast approaching. Suddenly, the temperatures are getting higher and taking walks outside is not so unbearable. While it is not exactly t shirt weather yet, it's nice to know that we can finally make use of lighter and more comfortable clothing. This means that it is time to trade in darker color schemes for lighter ones and heavier fabrics for softer ones .

This sampling of summer days has prompted me to share three items I am looking forward to wearing all summer long. They're listed below: 

  • Multi colored & Striped Lightweight Sweater 

Stripes exude the essence of summer - the nautical aspect, I mean. Who wears a sweater in the summer you ask? I say don't underestimate the summer days that come with strong breezes especially when you're close to the ocean. Going for a lightweight sweater keeps things beach like and summery. If it gets too hot, you can always take it off for a wrap around the shoulder. 

  • White Chinos 

White Chinos are a summer classic. Although, they can be a little nerve wracking to wear due to the amount of attention and consciousness they require to keep clean, it can be a very successful piece when styled properly. The key to achieving that is staying away from anything dirty, doing your best not to spill anything and keeping the styling very forward and straight to the point. 

  • Kilim Loafers

If you're going to frequent the beach, rooftop bars, and private club events this summer, a pair of Kilim loafers are an essential - for its detail and its easy wear. 


Multi Striped Crew Neck Sweater / Brooks Brothers . Slim Fit Chinos / Brooks Brothers . Kilim Loafers / Res Ipsa

Thank you for reading!