Casual Cool | Comfort Uniform

We all have that particular outfit that we go to when we have to get through an uneventful day. It's what the younger generation may refer to as a "chill" outfit to emphasize the off day that they are having or to draw attention to the fact that they don't really care to look stylish. They say "chill" outfit, I prefer the term, "comfort" outfit. We wake up, roll out of bed and put them on without thinking too much about it because we can't really go wrong with the structure. A uniform of some sort. For some people in my age group, that includes sweatpants and a T shirt or a long sleeve shirt and gym shorts but for me, I opt for a head to toe all black ensemble. Sorry, Anna Wintour.

In the fall, I am notorious for head to toe black sweaters, bottoms and shoes. Even when dealing with the most simple, basic and comfortable materials in life, I admit I still like to look functional and stylish. It's funny because the purpose of a comfort outfit is to show you don't care but there's nothing wrong with showing you care a little bit. This post is less about my typical comfort outfit and more about updating the look and giving it a classic remix because none of us like to be boring or predictable. The strategy for my usual head to toe black remix focused on not taking too much away from the simple essence of the comfort look so, I just chose to add minor pieces that give a more presentable look. Instead of my customary black bottoms, I opted for grey trousers and I substituted my well established black glasses and tote for red ones. Call it cool casual. When looking to update a comfort look, the secret is having a good eye that is capable of picking up good, reliable pieces anywhere in the world. Make sure you are able to mix them with the super cool and contemporary pieces in your closet for personal comfort.

I am wearing: 

21 Men Sweater

H&M Trousers

Ralph Lauren White Gold Wrist Watch 

Photography by Justin French

Thank you for reading!