Debonair Highlight: Frank and Oak's Laurier Dobby Blazer

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Gina Palermo

Collaborating with Frank and Oak, I instantly knew that I wanted to showcase pieces that would transcend time. For me, that means showing off my dapper side over something casual. Without a doubt, a navy blazer is one of the most adaptable, and long lasting pieces in menswear, and as great as that is, there is also nothing wrong with a navy blazer that presents a little pizzazz. Hence, the Laurier Dobby Blazer.

The Laurier Dobby Blazer, is a modern take on the sport coat. With features of semi- construction, a more relaxed waist, and slim tailored sleeves, the jacket proves to be versatile, and conducive enough for a variety of occasions. 

Since the Dobby blazer is quite similar to the time-honored sport coat, I wanted to tailor the styling in a way that dismisses its customary, or supposed frame of reference. With intentions of breaking out of just an unbuttoned top collar, or the blazer and tie caliber, I paired the Dobby Blazer, with a scarf, and an animated lapel pin. with the goal of showcasing the contrasting textures, and patterns, on the blazer. The styling also balances a dressed up look, and a semi casual look. Feeling fancy? Include the scarf. Want to go for a more relaxed look? Lose the scarf to reveal just the unbuttoned top collar. 

The Dobby Blazer is a multifaceted garment. Procure one if you are looking to acquire something a bit constrastive, and distinguishing. 

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Laurier Dobby Blazer | White Oxford Shirt . Frank and Oak / Scarf . De'Murk / Trousers . H&M / Socks / Happy Socks . Wingtips / Cole Haan

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