Think Spring: The Ascot Look

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Xavier Duah

One of the reasons spring excites me so much is the opportunity I get to work with new accessories. Towards the end of the winter season, I developed an enthusiastic interest in silk scarves that I happened to occasionally turn into ascots for personal style richness, and periodic panache. 

Commonly, an ascot is known as a neckwear accessory styled in place of a tie, neckerchief, or cravat. From my research, I found that ascots are best worn with blazers, and ensembles that engage formal wear influences so, it was only natural that I made the decision to style with a suit -  to attach a touch of snazziness, and significance.

When I wear ascots, I prefer to undo my top two buttons, allowing for the ascot's visibility around the neckline. I then pick parts of the scarf to create a plump surface which adds volume to the presentation versus a flat, and sloppy choice. When selecting scarves to use, I prioritize on how well the scarf contrasts with the other details of my outfit. 

Nowadays, it is quite rare to see men sporting the ascot look. Typically, when I am complimented by other males on the accessory, I extend the conversation by asking them if they would try the look. Usually, the answers are, "I don't think I can pull it off" or, "It's just a bit much for me", insinuating the idea is not exactly something they are familiar with, or have attempted. The reason seems logical - everyone has a preference - we all like to think we know what we like, and what we do not like but, does one really know if they don't try the product or service in question? 

Experience promotes open mindedness, and fecundity. 

If you are someone who identifies with one of the answers as mentioned above, I say, there is only one quality that is essential to pulling off an ascot, and that is confidence. There are no tips, or tricks around it. Wearing an ascot is an undertaking that majority seem to adjudge an avant-garde personal style initiative so, if you're going to do it, commit, and do it well. Leave it to the ascot to do the talking! 

Suit / Ben Sherman . Penny Loafers / Jack Erwin . Shirt / Frank and Oak . Wrist Watch / Shore Projects . Gifted Silk Scarf - Made in Italy

Thank you for reading!