What To Wear To Pinknic: If You Are Thinking of Suiting

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Sophie Kietzmann

Every summer, Pinknic hosts a large variety of guests on New York City's very own Governor's Island in form of a picnic. Since its inauguration in 2016, a colorful amount of people now attend: for electrifying musical performances, and of course, rosé. Additionally, the Ferry ride to, and from the Island is quite de-stressing. 

If you're planning on attending, and you're looking for a way to stay stylish without working up a lofty amount of sweat due to the irregular climate New York City basks in, you'll need to dress wisely especially when it comes to suiting options. A few tips are listed below: 

  • If You're Going To Wear A Suit, Make Sure It's White or Pink, and Linen

Wearing a suit is probably the last thing anyone wants to do on a hot summer day, but if you're someone like me who loves any chance they get to showcase the piece, you will find ways to work around it. 

Making sure the fabric the suit is made with is conducive for the weather is the first step. Linen fabrics are especially popular in the summertime because of the lightness, and coolness it provides. Research shows that the conduciveness of heat with linen fabrics are a lot higher than wool, and silk. Taking a stab at the linen fabric means taking a stab at easy breezy comfort. 

  • Style Lightly. Something as simple as a plain white T Shirt Can Go a Long Way

It makes sense to seek out traditional items of clothing that are sure to guarantee coolness in hot temperatures. The white T shirt is an unavoidable choice since it serves as a blank canvas. It's easy to layer on, and accessorize compared to the idea of a full on oxford shirt or knit polo shirt. Specifically for the Pinknic occasion if you have your mind set on a suit, it adds an element of casualty to the overall ensemble without reading as lazy, or unexciting. The simplicity of the aesthetic allows for well detailed accessories such as wrist watches, and sunglasses. 

  • Opt For Light Footwear

While the summer seasons allows for a range of season appropriate footwear, I strongly suggest the comfortable, and the light toned. A pair of espadrilles (a light canvas shoe with a fibre sole), or light sneakers will do the job. I'm starting to really favor espadrilles because of how viable I have recently found them to be. Like loafers, they're easy slip on shoes, but what makes them even more attractive lies within the inviting softness of its craftsmanship. They're very casual shoes so, I only deem them appropriate to casual events in the summer. 


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Thank you for reading!