One Way To Style Denim This Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Arnaud Montagard

Sponsored by Levi’s and ShopStyle

There are only so few staples in fashion, and style that are highly recognized. One of them is  denim and with its rich history in design and occasion, it’s really easy to see why it’s employed in fashion year after year and season after season. Everything from trucker jackets to boot cut jeans, is there another category of men’s style outside of suiting that could be considered more classically manly? Perhaps not.

With denim, there’s a uniform influence - an easy to style casual quality that consumers enjoy and will continue to find relevant in terms of comfort, and design for years to come. For me at least, it is the interchangeable quality of the piece that makes it so ever present in today’s day and age where the conversation of men’s style seems to be more radical than ever.

With classic brands like Levi’s®, the iconic brand that invented the blue jean 146 years ago maintaining high authority in the industry by consistently introducing modern ways to enjoy the product, one thing is certain - denim will remain a constant in modern fashion and self-expression.

That being said, one of my favorite ways to wear denim is experimenting with different washes for a Canadian tuxedo (a top and bottom denim on denim styling technique). As a self-proclaimed style enthusiast who enjoys a sense of uniformity, I find the styling technique to be reassuringly fit and easy to pull off. As you can see in the photos above, I opted for a Levi’s® light stone wash trucker jacket, and straight fit jean. Picking out similar washes to match creates a more minimal look, and if you’re all about simplicity, this should work for you.

The inclusion of a denim shirt is instinctive but a tank top is a great alternative depending on the state of events. For anything casual like grabbing a drink with friends at the local bar, or a picnic, a white tank top can look just as good and weather appropriate for the spring/summer season.

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