The Cuban Collared Shirt

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Xavier Duah

The cuban collared shirt is a time honored classic. It is not very difficult to identify one when you see it, as they are typically characterized by two tiered collars - usually short sleeve, making the shirt very spring/summer friendly. For the season, it is recommended that the shirt be utilized in Poplin Cotton fabric for breathability reasons, and I can affirm that because of this Eluard Short Sleeve Shirt from IRO is proof.  

When it comes to styling, quite the amount of influencers have been able to put their unique spin on the cuban collared shirt. Harry Styles does a fantastic job pairing with cuffed sleeves, skinny jeans , and boots while others like Steven Onoja opt for more tailored trousers, and wingtips or loafers. 

This is my take on it. Selecting a shirt with maximum amount of detail, it is only second nature deciding to neutralize other components of the ensemble. However, the variation of green tones on the shirt prompted my idea for a contrasted detailing; hence the difference in the tones of green on the trousers, and the loafers. 

To emphasize a more relaxed look, I opted for a rolled up trousers, and to finish off, I chose to work with a hat that contributed to the color contrasting. 

Although the cuban collared shirt hails from a 1950's period, which I whole heartedly admire, it is important to be open to a more contemporary approach, tucked in or not. This means, selecting well fitted styles, taking advantage of colors, prints, patterns, and accessories. 

Hat / Goorin Bros . Sunglasses / Warby Parker . Cuban Collared Shirt / IRO . Trousers / Ben Sherman . Penny Loafers / Jay Butler . Wrist Watch / Shore Projects

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