The Leather Sneakers You Should Own This Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

Without exception, footwear is the cornerstone of every man's attire and without a doubt, springing into warmer weather indicates ensuring your footwear basis is covered. 

By no chance am I a sneaker fanatic of any sort but as an enthusiast and student of all things menswear, I must say, there are few classic sneaker models that seem to have secured prominence in a variety of quality wardrobes and for good reason, I happen to have fallen in love with one of them - The Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker.

Sure, everyone on Instagram seems to own a pair or three but I tell you, the desire for the product is all for fit rationale. Simplicity and Comfort are key words and quality essentials for footwear for all seasons. The simplicity of the Achilles Sneaker makes it painless to wear with everything - From your double breasted linen three piece suit to your white T shirt and cropped jeans.

The sneaker is a relaxed shoe option in its own right making it ideal for the weekends, more casual looks and errands. A little bit of color like the blush option presented in the photos above will set you apart from the other gentlemen at your local grocery store. 


Original Achilles Leather Sneakers / Common Projects

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