How To Wear Gucci's Striped Cable Knit Sweater This Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

I am a huge fan of knitwear. Any one else?

It's what I look forward to wearing the most during the fall/winter/early spring seasons. If I could wear them all year round, I would. Especially when they look like the sweater I am featuring in the photos above - neat, smart and well fitted. The cable knit sweater as it is in my book undoubtedly remains one of the unvarnished heroes of spring wardrobes everywhere whether it is acting as a distinctive statement or a highly sophisticated layering tool. 

What I like about the sweater above comprises of its preppy influence, its deep V, its color scheme, its ribbed trims and its high toned silhouette. Innately, these features all pair well with a pair of well tailored trousers. Try one in a seasonal color. If you prefer something a bit more casual, opt for a pair of jeans. It creates a different perspective on a look that is stirred in a more traditional direction. 

Wearing a crisp button down shirt is a wonderful choice. Some people are able to pull off a polo shirt instead but I can assure you the button down looks much more clean and cohesive. Wearing one with or without a tie is equally as stylish.

Loafers are a sound selection for footwear as they add an even more snazzy detail to the look. The spring season is a great time to compliment with bright colored socks.


Slim-Fit Striped Cable-Knit Wool Sweater / Gucci . Men's Burnt Orange Vertical Stripe Socks / Paul Smith

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